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Why curb our enthusiasm, when we can make an app out of it?

I am a UXer, Digital Creative Director & a Rocker at heart. 










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B2F is an app through which we will rehabilitate the formerly incarcerated members of our society. We will bring them back to their feet with respect, dignity, motivation, and identity by paying them for every online course that they may pass. They will be paid for their study time and after each course they will be able to transfer their earned balance to their banks and credits to their accredited colleges. 


FER is a one-stop app for all your clothing needs; be it formal, casual or business casual. It showcases the latest outfits from leading brands. You can choose your clothing by the social setting and never worry about time constraints or shopping around in malls to see what's in store for you. 


This online custom t-shirt store is unlike any other, in the sense that it is made for musicians and artists who resell their t-shirts as merchandise to their fans. Fine printing, wide range of fabrics and ability to print designs with details. Look no further your patrons will be shipped to in time.